Project Development

Turnkey systems for building your future

Hospicomm project development provides turnkey facility planning, funding, design,  construction and renovation.  Consultation services are also available in each of these areas.  The keys to success are not only facility development and construction management expertise, but also expertise in the changing nature of the industry, a thorough understanding of regulatory requirements, financial know-how, and systems savvy on specific healthcare needs and technologies.

Additionally, to better meet the demands of their communities, providers are finding it necessary to reorient some traditional focuses.  Needs and expectations are changing.  All this must be reflected in hospital, long term healthcare (LTC) and assisted living development.  Whether you’re expanding your campus or assembling a network of sites, we open the door to new opportunities.  Hospicomm is the provider’s partner in implementing new clinical pathways for the delivery of healthcare services.

Key Benefits:

  • Marketing and Pre-opening Coordination
  • Turnkey
  • Design/Build
  • Coordinate Renovations