About Us


Hospicomm provides consulting and outsourcing services to providers of health care. The company provides consultation in the areas of project planning, management and development. In addition, through its solid relationships with the financial community, Hospicomm offers consultative services in project funding. It provides on-site operations management for facilities, including Nursing Centers, Acute Care Providers, Adult Medical Day Care facilities and Assisted Living providers. Also, through its INFORMM subsidiary, it provides a full range of financial management services.

Our History

Hospicomm was founded in 1976. Initially a consulting company specializing in management, planning and development services to providers of senior housing and healthcare services, the company quickly evolved to meet the burgeoning needs of an expanding elderly population.

By 1980, the company had established solid relationships with the financial community, and began providing project development and operations management. In the 1990s, Hospicomm began managing health care services in a continuing care retirement community and started facility-based and freestanding adult medical day care facilities. Also, it planned, developed and opened an outpatient dialysis center.


Hospicomm is expanding subacute services and specialized adult medical day care projects. As the customer base evolves and its needs change Hospicomm is committed to remaining at the forefront of technology and innovation to help our clients address the future challenges in providing quality and efficiency.

Our Clients

Hospicomm operates facilities under both multiple year and short-term contracts. Our multiple year contracts primarily are with not-for-profit owners who seek our expertise in providing the highest quality care while maintaining fiscal responsibility.